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Skyllbergs Bruk is one of Sweden’s oldest companies. Iron and steel has been processed here since 1346 and today Skyllbergs Bruk is a modern industrial enterprise focusing on iron and steel products.

Robot welding is one of its specialities along with more traditional operations such as wire-drawing and nail production. A total of 150 people are employed by Skyllbergs Bruk and its subsidiaries.

The Swedish word ”bruk” translates roughly to industrial estate and, by tradition, a number of different lines of business are conducted side by side. The family-owned Skyllbergs Bruk also represents a unique milieu with well-preserved buildings dating as far back as several centuries.

Skyllbergs Bruk is a family business that has been owned and operated by the Svensson family for three generations. Managing Director Gustaf Svensson has worked for the company since 1973. He is also the sole owner of the company.

Industrial production
The industrial production of the company is placed in a separate wholly-owned daughter company, Skyllberg Industri AB. The foundation of the company’s operations is industrial manufacturing. Skyllberg supplies drawn and profile wire as well as nails in a large number of dimensions and finishes. The company’s robot welding department designs and manufactures products for road and railway construction, components for vehicle cabs plus road barriers. Robot-assisted welding is an expanding feature of the company’s operations. Welded steel products and the company’s production of nails are galvanized at the company’s surface treatment plant in Degerfors.

Electricity supplier 

Skyllbergs Bruk provides electricity to roughly 1,400 subscribers. The electricity distribution network has been expanded successively since the beginning of the 1900s. Originally, the electricity was produced by the company’s four hydroelectric power stations to satisfy its own electricity demand.

Farming and forestry
Well-managed forests have long been a consuming passion at Skyllbergs Bruk. The most common species of tree in the surrounding forests are spruce, pine and birch. The area of the working agricultural and forestry land exceeds 1,600 hectares. There is an abundance of moose roaming the woods and moose hunting, conducted during the last two weeks of October, is a favourite pastime for many of the local residents. Customers are also frequently invited to take part in moose hunting.

Skyllbergs Bruk has rented houses to company employees for far more than a hundred years. The oldest buildings were raised in 1795 and for many years were the homes of the company’s tilt hammer smiths and their families. Nowadays, the company owns about 65 apartments, single-family houses and holiday cottages situated in Skyllberg and Kårberg.

Subsidiaries around Sweden
One of the company’s subsidiaries, Nils Ahlgren AB, is a wholesale supplier to hardware stores and building supply companies around Sweden. This Stockholm-based company has been in Skyllberg’s hands since 1982. The products handled by Nils Ahlgren include nails and screws, fittings, net and fencing products.

Degerfors, a village about 70 kilometres from Skyllberg, is the site of the hot dip galvanizing company Defab (Degerfors Förzinknings AB) which has been a member of the Skyllberg Group since 1996. Steel structures up to 18 metres in length can be dipped in molten zinc (460 degrees C) to provide a surface finish that withstands corrosion.

Skyllbergs Bruk AB

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